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Sending Stock adjustments to QuickBooks Online
Sending Stock adjustments to QuickBooks Online

How to sync stock adjustments to QuickBooks Online from Katana

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Stock adjustments easily allow you increase or decrease your In stock quantity of items (learn more about Stock Adjustments).

If you have your QuickBooks Online integration set up for accounting with Costs Of Goods Sold (COGS), Stock adjustments may create a difference between stock value in Katana and QuickBooks Online.

To address this discrepancy, you'll need to record a transaction in QuickBooks Online to adjust the Inventory account to match the stock adjustment value. This can be done by either Debiting Expense or Crediting Revenue, depending on the type of adjustment needed. Sending a Stock adjustment from a completed adjustment allows you to do this.

To enable this feature, head to Settings screen > Integrations and find QuickBooks Online to access the integration setup dialog. From this dialog, choose Accounting with Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for accounting type.

On the next screen, you can map out liability accounts:

Once you've finished the configuration, the Stock screen > Stock adjustments tab will include the option to Send adjustments to QuickBooks if one or more Stock adjustments are selected:

Once the values of a Stock adjustment has been sent to QuickBooks Online, they will be marked as Sent on the Stock adjustment page:

If a change is later made to the Stock adjustment value in Katana, the Sent status will change from green to yellow:

The color change reminds you to compare values in Katana and QuickBooks Online and make adjustments if needed.

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