You can assign a default currency to each supplier in Katana for the ease of use of creating Purchase Orders.

This is especially useful when you are buying internationally as it automatically assigns the accurate currency to purchase prices on the Purchase Orders.

Your supplier's currency will be used as a default currency on the purchase orders for that supplier - but you can always go ahead and choose another currency for a specific order.

How to add a default currency for my suppliers?

1. Navigate to the Contacts section, select the "Suppliers" tab from the table header.

2. Select the currency in the "Currency" field of a supplier and this will be set as default for that supplier.

3. When changing your supplier currency then Katana will enable you to convert the existing default purchase prices for all materials and products with that supplier to the selected new default currency based on the currency exchange rate.

Selecting "Yes, convert prices" will start the default purchase price conversion process. Selecting "Cancel" will not change the currency and the default purchase prices will not be converted.

For example, if you have set your current purchase prices in base currency (eg. USD) then changing the currency on your supplier (eg. to EUR for EU supplier) will convert default purchase prices of all items which have this supplier set as a default supplier to the converted amount in EUR (using automatic conversion rate for USD -> EUR).

4. Supplier currency can also be changed on the item card where default purchase prices are kept. Read more here about how to handle default purchase prices in your supplier's currency.

When you have set your supplier currency and purchase prices you can go ahead and start buying in multiple currencies. ยด

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