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Selling in multiple currencies
Selling in multiple currencies

Sell in multiple currencies and automatically convert your sales prices to foreign currencies

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Katana allows you to sell in multiple currencies and automatically converts your sales prices to foreign currencies so customers can receive an order in the currency they prefer.

If you sell online, your orders will be imported in the currency they were originally created in the e-commerce store, and then converted to your base currency. Read about how multicurrency works with Shopify or WooCommerce.

Katana makes it possible to:

  1. ´Create a Sales order (SO) in a foreign currency.

  2. Keep your order currency updated using the daily exchange rate.

  3. Automatically fix the rate on the SO (read here).

  4. Edit the conversion rate and date on the SO (read here).

Create a Sales order in a foreign currency

  1. Create a SO by clicking on the global "+" sign and selecting + Sales order.

  2. Once you select a Customer with a different currency, the order currency will default to that.

  3. SO rows will be added by converting your product price per unit to the currency of the order. (eg. if the base currency is USD and the SO is in EUR, a Sales price of $300 will be converted to the equivalent value in EUR)

    The converted total and conversion rate are visible in the totals section of the order.

    Katana will daily update this conversion rate so open orders always reflect accurate prices and value in all your SO screens in Katana.

  4. Next is to fix your currency rate which can be achieved in a couple of ways.

    When changing a customer on a SO to one that uses a different currency, Katana will now ask for your confirmation if you want to convert the prices to that customer's currency.

What else should you know about Sales orders in multiple currencies?

  • It's possible to change the currency on the order, and Katana will convert all prices on the rows to that currency.

  • The currency field will be locked on your SO once the currency rate is fixed.

  • Once the rate is fixed, you are able to edit the rate.

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