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Managing multiple currencies with WooCommerce integration
Managing multiple currencies with WooCommerce integration

How to manage multiple currencies with WooCommerce integration

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Katana enables you to sell in WooCommerce in multiple currencies while automatically converting all foreign currencies on your orders to your base currency.

Read more about multi-currency in Katana here.

Multi-currency is part of our Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus plans. You can try it for free for 14 days! Please have a look at our price page for more info.

WooCommerce requires you to set up a multi-currency extension for your store in order to serve your customers in various currencies.

Whenever a sales order is synced to Katana from WooCommerce then the actual currency of the order is brought over to Katana. This means the order will show the same currency as in WooCommerce also in Katana. Your sales amounts are converted to base currency so you are able to consistently keep track of your sales in a familiar currency for you.

As sales orders are synced to Katana from ecom then Katana will fix the currency rate for that order. It is still possible to edit the currency rate, but the order will not be updated daily to a new conversion rate, as it would be with manually created open orders in Katana.

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