Katana keeps the currency rates updated daily for your open orders, but the rate is fixed in certain situations.

From business perspective, the currency rate should typically be fixed at the moment of creating an invoice to the customer. Katana does not have an invoicing module, but we fix the currency rates on orders in Katana at the moment when you are likely to create the invoice in your accounting system or ecommerce.

Katana will automatically fix your currency rate and date and will not anymore update the conversion rate daily when:

  1. Sales Order is set to "Packed" or "Delivered".

  2. Sales Order is pushed to accounting software for invoicing (Xero, QuickBooks).

  3. Sales Order is synced to Katana from an e-commerce store (Shopify, WooCommerce).

Sometimes it may still be required to manually edit the conversion rate and Katana allows you to adjust the conversion rate and date on the order - for that read more here.

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