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Edit currency rate and date for sales / purchase orders
Edit currency rate and date for sales / purchase orders

Edit currency rates and dates on sales or purchase orders to ensure accurate financial records.

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Edit currency rates and dates on sales orders (SOs) and purchase orders (POs) to provide flexibility in managing financial transactions. This helps ensure that exchange rate changes are accurately reflected in your financial records, supporting precise cost management and pricing.

Katana allows you to edit the currency conversion rate after it has been fixed so you can still modify and recalculate the converted total if needed.

Editing after the conversion rate has been fixed is usually required if you need to match exchange rates between two systems or to match with the currency conversion rate of the actual payment that was made.

Read here about when Katana fixes currency rate.

Editing currency rate on a SO or PO

  1. Open a SO that's in a non-base currency. If the currency rate is fixed, you'll see an Edit rate link.

    Edit rate option on a sales order

  2. Click on Edit rate under the Totals section of the SO and edit the Currency rate or Fixed at date.

    Currency rate window change

    Note: Changing the fixed date will not retrieve the currency rate of that past date and will not update the currency rate to your selected date.

  3. After changing the conversion rate the converted total (base currency) will be recalculated.

    Updated conversion rate

Unable to change conversion rate?

When an order has already been submitted to accounting as an invoice or bill (via accounting integrations), it's no longer possible to change the rate in Katana. This should be done in your accounting platform.

If the invoice is deleted in Xero or QuickBooks, Katana will allow you to change the conversion rate.

Read more about multicurrency in accounting integrations here: Xero, QuickBooks

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