There are four subscription plans available: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. See more details here:

All plans are available for monthly and annual billing cycles. For the annual plan, you will pay for a non-refundable 1-year period upfront.

By default, the Essentials package is activated on your trial account.

Check your current subscription details in Katana by clicking on the account name in the top corner and selecting Subscription.

Upgrading to the Advanced plan

An advanced plan can be activated by enabling an Advanced feature on the account (e.g. enable batch number tracking for an item or add an Operator to the Shop Floor App). Choose between a monthly and annual subscription.

You can also upgrade to the Advanced plan from the Subscription page in Katana.

When you upgrade to Advanced, you will receive a 14-day free trial for the Advanced plan to explore the additional features.

Downgrading from Advanced to Essentials or from Professional to Advanced

A downgrading option from a higher plan to Essentials is available on the Subscription page. Be aware that you will lose all your batch tracking information; access to the Shop Floor App and all customized print templates will be removed when downgrading.

If you have more than three Locations in Katana, you need to remove additional Locations before downgrading (max 3 Locations allowed on the Essential plan).

If you have orders in multiple currencies, you need to convert all open Sales and Purchase orders and supplier currencies in foreign currencies back to the base currency. (Use the Export option in Sales and Purchase views to export all orders and see which have foreign currencies in use. All your done orders in foreign currencies will stay as-is in Katana)

Downgrading to Essentials isn't possible if you haven't entered billing details to Katana as the trial period will automatically end after the downgrade and you will be charged for the Essential package. Read more about subscribing to Katana.

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