Creating a new supplier enables adding it to Purchase Orders. You can also add e-mail addresses and any comments to your suppliers in the "Contacts" screen of Katana.

When creating a Purchase Order, you can search existing suppliers by typing the supplier name into the Supplier field on a PO, and then select a relevant supplier from the drop-down menu.

How to create a new supplier?

1. Navigate to the "Contacts" screen, select "Suppliers" tab from the table header and click on "+ Add new row" at the bottom of the table. Fill in the following information:

- Supplier name (required)

- E-mail address - the value must match a general e-mail address format, otherwise, it will be highlighted in red and will not be saved.

- Comments - you can add any internal comments to each supplier.

All new suppliers can be selected from the drop-down menu for the Supplier field on Purchase Orders.

2. On a Purchase Order, type a supplier name into the Supplier field. If the supplier does not already exist in your "Contacts", you can create a new supplier by clicking on "Create new: [supplier name]" in the drop-down menu or pressing Enter on a keyboard. The new supplier will be saved to the Purchase Order and also added to your "Contacts".

Note: The same approach also works when quick-adding Purchase Orders from Manufacturing Orders or "Inventory" list. Read more about creating Purchase Orders

E-mail addresses and comments can only be added or edited in the "Contacts" screen.

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