You can track and analyze your production tasks on the Make screen > Tasks tab. This view lists all your open and done Production Operations that are related to open and done Manufacturing Orders.

Get the latest data on your open Production tasks or analyze completed tasks in the Done table of the Tasks tab.

Open Tasks

The open Tasks list includes all the production operations that have not yet been completed. All those tasks are related to open Manufacturing Orders. It displays the Resource, related MO#, MO deadline, Product variant, Quantity, Operation, Production time, and Status for each open task.

Tasks are grouped by Resource, which gives you a list of all production operations that have been assigned to each Resource.

Some examples of things to notice and analyze on this screen:

  • Check the total estimated production time that has been assigned to each Resource to estimate the upcoming workload.

  • Compare the workload of each Resource to the Manufacturing Order deadlines. Is it realistic to complete all the MOs by the deadline or should you rearrange the work or add more resources?

  • Filter by Product variant to see all open tasks that are related to the same product or product variant. If there are multiple MOs for the same product or variant, it might be more efficient to complete the related tasks at once.

  • and more...

Analyzing completed tasks

Navigate to the "Done" tab of the "Tasks" list to access all your completed Production Operations. An operation is moved to the "Done" list if the operation has been completed, even if the MO is still open (not all operations for the MO are completed).

A "Completed at" date is assigned to each completed task, indicating the date of completing the specific task (not completing the entire Manufacturing Order).

On the "Done" tasks list page, you can analyze the work that has been completed by each Resource in a specific time period.

For example, analyze the work completed by each Resource in a specific period. Use the filter for the completion date to choose a period.

The production time for a completed task is taken from the related manufacturing order card. You can define a default time for each production operation (on the related product card) and edit it on each manufacturing order. If the actual time spent on a task is different than the estimated default, then change the production time on the MO before completing the task.

Actual time tracking via Shop Floor Control App is coming soon!

Export for further analysis

Export your open or done Tasks to a .csv file to do additional analysis. For example:

  • Analyze the total time spent on a specific product or variant in a selected period.

  • Analyze the total time spent on a specific operation in a selected period.

  • Compare the total production operations completed at different Locations.

  • and more...

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