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Base currency in Katana
Base currency in Katana

Change the default currency that will be used when displaying sales prices, manufacturing costs, and stock values

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How to change base currency?

When you are on the Starter plan or just starting with Katana, you can change the default currency that will be used when displaying sales prices, manufacturing costs of products and materials, and stock values in Katana.

Changing the default currency:

  1. Go to Settings screen > General

  2. Select currency from the dropdown menu.

On the Starter plan, Katana supports using only one currency. You cannot use other currencies for specific Sales or Purchase orders.

Katana supports using multiple currencies on our Standard and higher plans. You can try it for free for 14 days! Read more about multi-currency

Why is the base currency locked?

As you start using multi-currency functionality on a higher plan and actually converting your orders or setting up integrations, then it's not allowed to change the base currency. This is to keep consistency in Katana throughout history as Katana is not able to do bulk conversions on historical data.

Katana will lock your base currency when at least one of the conditions applies:

  • Connecting to an e-commerce store (eg. Shopify or WooCommerce) that has a different store currency than Katana base currency.

  • Your Katana is connected to an accounting platform (eg. Xero, QuickBooks).

  • At least one Sales or Purchase order is created in foreign currency.

  • At least one customer or a supplier is added who has a different default currency than the base currency.

If you still need to change your base currency, resolve the conditions mentioned above, or if you're only testing out, then you can clear all data from Katana once you're ready.

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