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Sync fulfillment status to Katana from Squarespace
Sync fulfillment status to Katana from Squarespace

Setup a workflow that marks order status as Delivered in Katana when it's fulfilled in Squarespace

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This is a guide for setting up a workflow that marks the order status as Delivered in Katana when it gets fulfilled in Squarespace. Fulfillment status sync works only one way. If you mark the order as delivered in Katana, the status will not be synced to Squarespace.

This workflow adds additional functionality after setting up importing Sales orders from Squarespace to Katana.

Note: Setting up the workflow based on the Make (ex Integromat) template takes a couple of minutes. Most of the configurations are already prefilled, you just need to connect your accounts. The walkthrough in this article is meant to give you further context in case you want to adjust it or troubleshoot problems.

To start syncing fulfillment status to Katana from Squarespace:

1. Open the Make template. Of course, you can always expand and customize the scenario to meet your own individual needs.

2. Create a new scenario from the template.

3. The first step will automatically pop up. Set up the trigger for the workflow :

- Select your Squarespace account.

- Select "Order Updated" as the Trigger Type to start the workflow when an order is updated in Squarespace.

- Select "Fulfilled" as the filter on Fulfillment Status to limit the workflow on fulfilled orders.

- Continue the template and next step will pop up.

4. Find a matching order from Katana:

- Select your Katana account.

- Map "Order Number" paired with a prefix "S-" as Order Number. This workflow assumes that all Squarespace orders are imported with the prefix and can be identified accordingly.

5. Update the matching order in Katana:

- Select your Katana account.

- Map "Order ID" from previous step.

- Select "Delivered" to change the sales order status in Katana.

6. Your workflow is ready! Run once, go to Squarespace and mark an example order as fulfilled. Make sure that the order got updated in Katana.

7. Schedule the workflow to run at an interval of your choosing. Squarespace does not support real-time data flow.

Your scenario for syncing Sales order fulfillment status to Katana from Squarespace is now ready!

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