This is a guide for setting up automation via Integromat to send an email when Katana sales order is created, deleted or when status is changed.

Setting up the alert consists of four steps:

  1. Choose the trigger from Katana

  2. Pull sales order details from Katana

  3. Pull customer details from Katana

  4. Configure the email to be sent

You can use similar approach to set up sending notifications via SMS, Slack or directly to your phone. See more what's possible in Integromat's article about notifications.

If you want to learn more about Integromat, check our Integromat integration overview.

To start sending email alerts, create a new scenario in Integromat:

1. Select the services you want to integrate:

  • Use the search box to find and select Katana and Email.

  • Continue to next step

2. Set up a trigger:

  • Select "Katana MRP" as the first module of the scenario

  • Select the event that triggers the scenario. In this example, we are going to send an email every time a sales order gets marked as delivered.

  • Click "Add" to create a new webhook

  • Add a name to your webhook and select your Katana connection. If this is your first time setting up Katana connection, follow this guide.

  • Save your connection and confirm the selected webhook. Webhook is automatically added to your Katana account and mapped in Integromat. You can see it in Katana - Settings - API - Webhooks

2. Pull order details from Katana:

  • Add another module by clicking on the right side of the Katana MRP module bubble.

  • Select "Katana MRP" again for the module

  • Select "Get a Sales Order" as the action

  • As Sales Order ID, map the "Object ID" from the previous step

3. Pull customer details from Katana

  • Add another module

  • Select "Katana MRP" again for the module

  • Select "List Customers" as the next action

  • Click the slider to map the "Customer IDs"

  • Select "Customer ID" from Katana "Get a Sales Order" module. Type ", 1" to the box after Customer ID. This is needed because Integromat expects at least two items in the search, but we are using one. Second item is fake.

  • Set the Limit to 1

  • Confirm the module set-up

4. Configure the email to be sent:

  • Add another module

  • Select "Email" as the module

  • Set up the connection to your email account. See Integromat's help article for more information.

  • Add a recipient. You can write any email there or map it from the customer details. Select "Email" from "List customers" module.

  • Add a subject for the email

  • Add content to your email and format it to your liking

  • Confirm the set-up

5. Select "Run once" to activate the scenario. Go to Katana and test by marking a sales order as delivered.

Your scenario to send emails when a sales order in Katana is marked as delivered is now ready to be turned on!

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