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Zapier integration overview
Zapier integration overview

Zapier enables you to easily connect your apps and automate workflows

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that enables you to easily connect your apps and automate workflows. It is a do-it-yourself platform where you can create automatic data flows without developer know-how.

There are thousands of apps available on Zapier, including Katana, which you can link by creating Zaps. You can use Zapier to automate certain data flows between Katana and your other apps.

Each app can have certain triggers, actions, and searches:

- Trigger is an event in the selected app that kicks off the Zap.

- Action is the event that is then triggered in the other app.

- Searches are used to look up information that can then be used in another action.

For more information on Zapier, check out their help documentation at Zapier help and learn the basics of creating Zaps in the Zapier knowledge base.

Katana app on Zapier enables you to:

- Import sales orders to Katana from other apps. Find example tutorials here for:

- Import customers to Katana from other apps.

Currently, the Katana app on Zapier does not enable you to send any information from Katana to any other apps.

You need both Katana and Zapier accounts to start creating Zaps. Read more about creating Zaps for Katana.

We have created some Zap templates for you, which you can use to easily set up the Zaps, please find them here.

Katana triggers, actions, and searches on Zapier




Create Customer


Create Sales Order


Find Customer


Find or Create Customer

No triggers are currently available.

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