The Katana to BigCommerce integration makes it easy to manage the fulfillment of BigCommerce orders and keep the inventory and related production in control. Connecting BigCommerce to Katana takes just a few minutes but can save you hours or even days of manual work every week.

You can get going with Katana easily as your products, customers, and Sales Orders will be pulled from BigCommerce to Katana in minutes.

You can connect multiple BigCommerce stores to your Katana account. The option to connect another store becomes visible on the "Settings" -> "Integrations" page after connecting the first store.

What will be synced:

1. Katana pulls Sales Orders automatically from your BigCommerce account. All existing BigCommerce open Sales Orders will be pulled during the initial connection and Katana will keep pulling all future Sales Orders automatically. BigCommerce returns are not synced to Katana. Read more

2. Sales Order fulfillment statuses can be synced between Katana and BigCommerce (two-way sync). Mark a Sales Order Delivery status as "Delivered" in Katana and it will be automatically marked as "Completed" in BigCommerce, and vice versa.

3. You can choose to import all your products and variants to Katana while connecting your BigCommerce store. Read more

4. You can choose to import all your customers to Katana while connecting your BigCommerce store. Read more

Later, if a new BigCommerce Sales Order includes a new customer that does not yet exist in Katana, then the customer will be created automatically in Katana when the Sales Order is imported.

If you have connected more than one BigCommerce store to Katana, the integration works exactly in the same way for each store. Sales order sync, product and customer import, and matching.

You can map each connected BigCommerce store either to the same or a different Katana Location. Read more

Note: Internet Explorer 11.0 browser is not supported by BigCommerce and cannot be used for connecting Katana to BigCommerce. We suggest using Google Chrome.

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