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Videos playlist: BigCommerce integrationSee how to set up the BigCommerce integration, how the integration works, and what benefits it provides
BigCommerce integration overviewLearn how to manage BigCommerce order fulfillment while keeping inventory and related production in control
Connecting BigCommerceFind out how to connect to BigCommerce and configure the integration to your needs.
Mapping BigCommerce Locations to KatanaIf you've created multiple Locations in Katana or Bigcommerce, you can map your Bigcommerce POS order locations to specific Katana Locations
How Sales orders sync between BigCommerce and KatanaOrders from BigCommerce to Katana, changes made to orders in BigCommerce, and two-way sync of fulfillment statuses
Syncing fulfillment statuses two ways with BigCommerce and KatanaFurther information on the 4 ways that fulfillment statuses sync between BigCommerce and Katana
How products are imported from BigCommerce to KatanaFind out more about how products are transferred from BigCommerce to Katana
How customers import from BigCommerce to KatanaThere are three cases where customers are imported from BigCommerce to Katana
How tax rate setting affects Default sales prices on Bigcommerce imported productsThe tax rate setting is important for defining Default sales prices for products in product cards in Katana
Add custom items as products: imported BigCommerce sales ordersYou can choose whether or not to import custom items on BigCommerce Sales Orders to Katana
Disconnecting BigCommerceHow to easily disconnect the BigCommerce integration
Changing the configuration of your BigCommerce integration connectionHow to change BigCommerce connection configurations
Sync stock levels from Katana to BigCommerceFind out how to easily sync stock levels from Katana to BigCommerce