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Syncing Katana Purchase orders to Xero as bills
Syncing Katana Purchase orders to Xero as bills

Create bills in Xero based on Katana Purchase orders and Outsourced purchase orders

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The Katana to Xero integration allows bill creating in Xero based on Katana Purchase orders (PO) and Outsourced purchase orders (OPO)with a single click of a button.

Note: This integration does not support recording Katana purchase orders just as expenses in Xero (without creating bills) or creating Purchase orders in Xero. It only supports creating bills in Xero.

When you have connected your Xero account to Katana, you can see a new Bill column in the Buy screen in Katana.

Selecting Create bill for a PO will create a matching bill in Xero. The Bill status will change to Bill created Xero.

The value of the transaction will be recorded on the Xero account you selected during the initial connection of Xero to Katana.

Note: Billing status cannot be reverted back to Not billed in Katana. You need to delete the bill in Xero, which will also revert the status in Katana. Reflecting the status back to Katana might take a few minutes.

Clicking on the status will direct you to the relevant bill in Xero.

Data between Xero and Katana is matched as follows:




Purchase order #


Katana PO number is sent to Reference field on the bill created in Xero.



Suppliers are matched based on email. Suppliers that do not exist in Xero are created automatically.

Created date

Bill date

Bill date in Xero equals the Created date for the PO in Katana.

Expected arrival


Not synced to Xero.


Due date

Assigned automatically to the bill based on your Xero settings.

Line item

Line item

PO line items in Katana will be added as bill lines in Xero. SKU of the item is added to the Item code and the Item name will be added to the Description field of the bill. Account on the bill is based on the ledger accounts mapping defined for purchasing during the initial Katana x Xero connection.



If you are using unit conversions in Katana for purchased items, then the bill in Xero displays the quantity in your Katana Stock Unit of Measure, not Purchase Unit of Measure.

Price per unit

Unit price

Price per unit from Katana Purchase Order is synced to Unit Price on Xero bill.

Tax %

Tax rate

Assigned to the line item in Xero based on the tax rate mapping defined during the initial connection of Xero to Katana.

All bills in Xero are created as "Tax Exclusive".

Note: Additional costs are not synced to Xero and need to be added manually.

Deleting bills

You can only delete bills in Xero

Click on the Bill created Xero status for a specific PO in Katana to open the respective bill in Xero.

When you delete a bill in Xero that is created via Katana integration, the Bill status for the related PO is reverted back to Not billed.

Note: It might take up to 15 minutes for the Bill status to update in Katana after deleting the bill in Xero.

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