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Videos playlist: Shopify integration
Videos playlist: Shopify integration

See how to set up the Shopify and Katana integration, how the integration works, and what benefits it provides

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The first two videos here provide an introduction to the Shopify integration as well as how to connect, import, map, and sync everything during setup.

Introduction and initial integration setup

Additional videos for setting up the Shopify integration

The following 8 videos give a more in-depth look into the different parts of the integration and can provide useful tips depending on how the integration will be used.

Sales order syncing

Order fulfillment sync

Shopify Point of Sale (POS) order creation, mapping, and Stock sync

Make to order workflow and sales order syncing

Custom make to order workflow and line item properties

Fulfillment sync and automatic FIFO batch selection

Kits and Bundles

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