Synchronize and automate order and inventory flows by connecting your e-commerce shopping carts, marketplaces, etc. order databases to your 3PLs, ERP, and more.

Pipe17 connects merchant e-commerce businesses with an expanding set of marketplaces, fulfillment centers, financial systems, and SaaS applications to form end-to-end automated operations. Merchants get control and visibility at every step of the fulfillment cycle, automated order and inventory flows, and painless changes to vendor services. Pipe17 offers more than 50 apps you can connect Katana to, such as Chord, Wayfair, 3PL Central, and more.

By connecting Katana and Pipe17, you can set up code-free integrations to automate such workflows as:

  • Get orders from e-commerce, marketplace, and POS systems and send sales orders to Katana

  • Sync Katana inventory levels to e-commerce, marketplace, and POS systems

You’ll then get the real-time status of inventory and orders between Katana and other apps.

Find out more:

How to connect Pipe17 to Katana

Start by reaching out to the Pipe17 team for a demo. Their experts will walk you through the setup step-by-step and help to configure the integration to your needs.

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