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Permissions: Access Buy screen
Permissions: Access Buy screen
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The Access Buy screen permission provides users with access to the Buy screen and Suppliers tab inside the Contacts screen. Within these areas, users can view and manage Purchase orders, Outsourced purchase orders, and Suppliers.

All Users with default access will have this permission enabled.

A user with the Access Buy screen permission can:

  • Access the Buy screen and Contacts screen > Suppliers tab

  • Create, edit, and view Purchase orders and Outsourced purchase orders

  • Create, edit, and view Supplier cards

  • View and edit certain supplier info on both Product and Material cards:

    • Default purchase price

    • Default supplier

    • Supplier currency

    • Purchase unit of measure

  • Download and import supplier info with the following data import templates:

    • Add new products

    • Add new materials

    • Update existing products and reorder points

    • Update existing materials and reorder points

Access Buy screen permission won't enable or disable access to Purchasing Insights in the Insights section. To enable access to Purchasing Insights, the Access to Insights permission needs to be enabled.

The permission can be enabled/disabled when inviting a user to Katana and changed anytime from the Team page.

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