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Delete permissions

Control permissions for deleting in Katana to ensure secure and accurate data management.

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Set permissions for deleting to ensure that only authorized users can perform these actions. This feature helps maintain data integrity and security by preventing unauthorized deletions that could disrupt operations or lead to data loss.

The different delete permissions control which users can delete orders, stock documents, items, and contacts.

In total, there are a total of 7 delete permissions, each allowing the user to delete different objects:

  • Delete sales orders (sales orders and quotes)

  • Delete customers

  • Delete manufacturing orders

  • Delete purchase orders (purchase orders and outsourced purchase orders)

  • Delete suppliers

  • Delete stock documents (stock adjustments, stock transfers, and stocktakes)

  • Delete items (products and materials)

Users with default access have all delete permissions enabled.

Permissions are initially picked when a user is invited to Katana, but can be changed at any time from the Team page. Read more about user permissions.

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