The user permissions feature in Katana makes it possible to grant users additional rights to admin workflows or restrict access to sensitive info.

User permissions are not configurable for Account Owners or Operators. Read more about Team member roles.

Default Access

The default access level allows users to see all screens and access all core functionalities.

Default access does not allow you to:

  • Change billing or subscription details (only possible by the Account Owner)

  • Clear all account data (only possible by the Account Owner)

Custom Access

Customizable permissions are:

When an Account Owner or a user with permission to Manage users invites a new user to Katana, they can choose default or custom access for that user.

If you'd like to change permissions for existing users, this can be done at any time by selecting Team from the dropdown under your name in the top right.

NOTE: Whenever permissions are changed, the affected user is asked to refresh the active session.

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