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Permissions: Delete orders, items and contacts
Permissions: Delete orders, items and contacts

A collection of 7 different deletion settings that can be applied to your users.

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The different delete permissions allow users to delete orders, stock documents, items, and contacts.

In total, there are a total of 7 delete permissions, each allowing the user to delete different objects:

  • Delete Sales orders (Sales orders and Quotes)

  • Delete Manufacturing orders

  • Delete Purchase orders (Purchase orders and Outsourced Purchase orders)

  • Delete Stock documents (Stock adjustments, Stock transfers, and Stocktakes)

  • Delete Items (Products and Materials)

  • Delete Customers

  • Delete Suppliers

Users with default access have all delete permissions enabled.

Permissions are initially picked when a user is invited to Katana, but can be changed at any time from the Team page. Read more about user permissions.

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