There are three types of team members in Katana: Owner, User, and Operator.


Whoever creates a new Katana account from scratch (not based on another account's invitation) will be automatically assigned as the account Owner.

The account Owner has access to all Katana features, can manage the team and subscription. Read more about adding team members to the Katana account.

The Owner role cannot be reassigned to any other team member, it will we permanently attached to the e-mail and login credentials of the initial account creator.


Team members who join the Katana MRP main account based on the Owner's invitation are automatically assigned as account Users.

Users can access all core functionalities of Katana, except:

- Invite new team members or delete existing members from the account.

- Manage subscription details and billing.


Users of the Katana Shop Floor Control (SFC) app are called Operators.

Katana Shop Floor Control (SFC) app is a mobile-friendly web-based application for the production team on the shop floor for managing their tasks.

Operators can only access their task list in the SFC app and cannot access the Katana MRP main site. The SFC app has limited functionality compared to the Katana MRP site, and does not include any price- or cost-related information for orders and items.

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