Team member roles

Owner, User, and Operator

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There are three types of team members in Katana: Owners, Users, and Operators.

Types of team members available in Katana


This is usually the person who originally created the Katana account (i.e. wasn't invited) and was automatically made the account Owner.

An Owner has access to all of Katana features (based on the account's plan), can manage the team, and is the only person who can:

  • Clear all account data

  • Manage subscription details and billing

Learn about adding team members to Katana.


Team members who join Katana from an invite are called Users.

By default, Users can access all the core functionalities of Katana, except for being able to invite or delete team members.

A User's access can be customized,allowing for admin workflows or restrict access to sensitive info Read more about User permissions.


Users of the Katana Shop Floor App are called Operators.

The Shop Floor App is a mobile-friendly web-based application for the production team on the shop floor to manage their tasks.

Operators can only access their task list from the app and don't have any access to Katana's main site. The app has limited functionality compared to the Katana website and doesn't include any price or cost-related info for orders and items.

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