Katana is a tool to manage your inventory and production in a smart way. This includes collaborating with your team to drive the business forward. You can invite other team members to your Katana account to start getting more value from Katana for the whole business.

You can invite full-access users to the Katana MRP main site or add Operators to the Shop Floor Control app. Read more about Team member roles in Katana.

Adding team members

Please note that only the account Owner can add new team members to the account.

1. Log in to your Katana account using Account owner credentials.

2. When you are logged in to Katana, click on your account name in the top right corner and select "Team" from the drop-down menu.

3. A list of all team members opens. If you have not yet invited any additional members, you can only see your own account as the Owner in this list.

The list is split into 3 sections: All, Users, and Operators.

Users have full access to the Katana MRP site, while Operators get access to the Shop Floor Control app.

4. Click on "Add a new team member".

5. Select whether you wish to add a User or Operator.

Adding Users:

Enter the e-mail address of the team member you would like to invite to your Katana account. We will send a link to that address where your new teammate can create a Katana account and join your team.

If a Katana account already exists for the e-mail you have entered, you will receive the respective message and will not be able to invite the user to your account. Only a single Katana account can be associated with a specific e-mail address. Contact us via chat or at [email protected] with any questions or requests.

You will see the team member status as "Pending" until the invitee has accepted your invitation and signed up to Katana via the link in the invitation. If you are not sure that the invitee received the relevant e-mail, you can click "Resend" to send another invitation to the same person.

Adding Operators:

You are asked to enter the name of the Operator and create a 6-digit login code. Read more about adding Operators.

6. The number of team members on your subscription plan will be increased and the monthly billing amount updated when the user joins your Katana team. Users with a "Pending" status will not affect the billing amount. Check our Pricing page for more details or read more about billing principles for team members.

Note: You will not be charged for additional team members during the free trial.

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