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Adding team members

Effortlessly add team members to enhance collaboration and access, from full functionalities to shop floor operations

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Enhance team collaboration and efficiency by adding new members (unlimited regardless of what plan you're on) to your Katana account. Whether you're inviting users with full access to the main Katana site or operators for the Shop Floor or Warehouse App, this guide simplifies the process, ensuring every team member has the right access and permissions.

Read more about Team member roles.

Adding team members

Note: Only the account Owner and Users with Manage users and permissions can add team members to an account.

  1. Log in to your Katana account (as an Owner or User with applicable permissions).

  2. Click on your account name in the top right corner and select Team from the drop-down menu.

    Team option found when clicking name in top right

  3. A list, split into All, Users, and Operators will open showing other team members (if any have been added).

    Team page with All, Users, and Operators highlighted

    Users can have full or customized access to Katana functionalities and data, while Operators only have access to the Shop Floor App.

  4. Click on Add a new team member.

  5. Choose either a User or an Operator.

Adding Users

First, send an invite link by adding the team member's email address.

If the email address is already connected to an existing Katana account, you won't be able to invite the user to this account (only one Katana account can be associated with an email address). Contact us via chat or at [email protected] with any questions or requests if you need this changed.

Default or custom access can be given to an invited User. Read more about user permissions.

Once invited, a team member's status is Pending until they've accepted the invitation and signed up to Katana. If you're unsure if a team member received the invite email, click Resend to send another. If a team member reports that they are not receiving the invite, you can copy the invitation link by clicking Copy link and send it to them.

Adding Operators

Add the name of the Operator and create a 6-digit login code. Read more about adding Operators.

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