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Where to find the QR and login codes for Shop Floor Operator accounts
Where to find the QR and login codes for Shop Floor Operator accounts

Find QR and login codes for Katana operator accounts.

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QR and login codes are essential for setting up operator accounts. These codes can be accessed easily by the account owner from the Team section under the account settings.

When setting up a shop floor operator account, Katana will generate unique QR code for each account and the person adding the operator will create a 6-digit login code.

The shop floor operator needs both the QR code and 6-digit login code to log in to their account.

Account owners and anyone with Manage users and permissions enabled can access all QR codes and 6-digit login codes in Katana.

Where the codes can be found

  1. Click on your account name in the top right corner of the screen and select Team.

    Where you can find the team page from the dropdown

  2. Find the shop floor operator from the list of team members and click the name.

  3. A side panel will open where you can find the QR code and the login code. There are also options to print the QR code and edit the 6-digit login code.

    Window showing the QR and 6-digit login codes

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