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SKU lead time and minimum order quantity (MOQ)
SKU lead time and minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Manage SKUs with lead time and MOQ for optimized inventory planning.

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Note: Minimum order quantity (MOQ) and SKU based lead times are currently only available through the Planning & Forecasting add-on. Manually created purchase orders won't affect MOQ or SKU base lead times.

Managing SKU lead time and MOQ help businesses to optimize inventory planning and procurement. Lead time indicates the duration needed to replenish stock, while MOQ sets the minimum units required per order. These settings assist in maintaining efficient stock levels, preventing overstocking or stockouts, and ensuring timely availability of products to meet demand.

How to set MOQs

Using MOQ helps you ensure orders align with supplier requirements, avoid ordering too much, and minimize excess inventory.

  1. Open an item card.

    Product's item card

  2. Click on the Supply details tab to find an option to enter MOQ.

    Highlighting the MOQ column in the Supply details tab of an item card

  3. In this column, add the supplier's specified MOQ. This should ensure that orders will meet the minimum requirements.

  4. Katana will then use MOQs to make smarter replenishment suggestions. When it's time to reorder, there will be recommend quantities that align with the MOQ. Learn more about replenishment.

How to set variant lead times

Customized lead times for each SKU improve the accuracy of delivery schedules and replenishment plans.

  1. Open an item card.

    Product's item card

  2. Select the Supply details tab to find lead time settings.

  3. Enter a lead time which reflects the time it takes for the item to be delivered or produced. This time could vary based on the supplier or the production process for that SKU.

    Item card's supply details tab, highlighting adding a default lead time

How MOQs and lead times affect replenishment

In the Replenishment tab found in the Plan screen, you'll find a Suggested order qty column which is based on the MOQ or weekly demand and a Suggested order by column which is based on SKU lead times. Read more about replenishment.

Suggested order qty column and suggested order by column found in the replenishment tab of the plan screen

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