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SKU Lead Time and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
SKU Lead Time and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
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Minimum order quantity and SKU based lead times are only available through the Planning & Forecasting features in Katana and not yet available anywhere else. Please note that manually created POs will not account for MOQ or SKU base lead times.

Using the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), you can ensure orders align with supplier requirements, avoid ordering too much, and minimize excess inventory.

Setting MOQs:

  1. Navigate to the Item Card of a product you want to set an MOQ on.

  2. Click on the Supply terms tab and you'll find an option to enter the MOQ for that item.

  3. In the field, add the MOQ specified by your supplier. This ensures that any orders will meet the minimum requirements, streamlining your procurement process.

  4. MOQ-aware Replenishment. The system uses MOQs to make smarter replenishment suggestions. When it's time to reorder, Katana will recommend quantities that align with the MOQ. Read more about replenishment.

Setting Variant Lead Times

Customized lead times for each SKU improve the accuracy of your delivery schedules and replenishment plans.

Specifying Lead Times:

  1. Open the Item Card that you want to set a lead time for.

  2. Access the Supply terms tab and you'll find the lead time settings.

  3. Enter a lead time which reflects the time it takes for the item to be delivered or produced. This time could vary based on the supplier or the production process for that specific SKU.

  4. Replenishment Suggested order by date is adjusted by the SKU-specified lead times. Katana's replenishment can then more accurately predict when you'll need to restock. Read more about replenishment.

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