You can manage your production tasks and production schedule at different levels of detail in Katana. You can track the production either at Manufacturing Order or related Production Operations level, the latter being the more detailed approach.

Each Manufacturing Order and Production Operation has a status, which can be manually changed by the user. Statuses help to monitor and manage production activities and also trigger relevant inventory movements.

Production Operations can also be assigned to Operators. This enables you to use the Shop Floor Control app to feed information directly from the shop floor to the Katana MRP main site, and vice versa. Read more.

Managing production at different levels of detail

- At the Manufacturing Order level. The status for the whole MO can be changed in the Manufacturing Orders list in "Schedule" view in the "Make" screen or on a Manufacturing Order card. Read more about managing Manufacturing Order statuses.

- At Production Operations level. You can track the production of each Manufacturing Order at a step-by-step operations level. To track operations, you need to define Production Operations for a product. Operation statuses can be changed on a Manufacturing Order card or in the "Tasks" list of the "Make" screen. Read more about managing Production Operation statuses.

Status for tasks can also be changed directly from the Shop Floor Control App by Operators. Read more

It is your choice at which level you wish to track the production status. You do not need to track the status at the detailed Production Operations level and can only manage the status at the MO level if preferred.

Production Operation statuses and Manufacturing Order statuses are related so that change to either status affects the other. Read more how Production Operations affect the Manufacturing Order status.