The Schedule includes all your Manufacturing Orders (both Make to Stock and Make to Order Manufacturing Orders - read more here). It enables managing all your production jobs in a single queue.

The "Schedule" is the production schedule for your workshop, listing the Manufacturing Orders in the order of priority. You can drag-and-drop the orders to amend the schedule. The production personnel should start working on the Manufacturing Orders from the top of the list and work their way down. 

If you are looking to manage the production tasks at a more detailed level, you can use the "Tasks" list for tracking tasks for your Resources and Operators. Read more here.

Operators can log in to the Shop Floor Control app, which is a mobile-friendly app for the production team where they can see and complete the tasks. Read more.

Tip: Read more about typical Make to Order and Make to Stock workflows in Katana.

The Schedule view is valuable as:

- It shows the Ingredients availability for each Manufacturing Order. Read more about Ingredients availability.

- It shows the Production status for each Manufacturing Order. Read more about Manufacturing Order Production statuses.

- It shows the Production Deadline for each Manufacturing Order. Read more about Managing Production Deadlines.

- It enables you to manage the priority of Manufacturing Orders. Read more about Managing the priority of Manufacturing Orders.

- It enables you to print multiple MOs in one go and create consolidated pick lists for multiple MOs.

Important: The order of rows in the "Schedule" is also the order of priority of Manufacturing Orders.

Click on the links above to find out more about the concepts related to the Schedule view.

Links and commitments to Sales Orders

Customer column in the "Schedule" shows the Sales Orders (incl. customer name) to which the Manufacturing Order is committed to.

Make to Order Manufacturing Orders are permanently linked to the underlying Sales Orders. Changing priorities of those Manufacturing Orders does not break the links, but affects the priorities of Sales Orders in the "Sell" screen accordingly.

Make to Stock Manufacturing Orders are not permanently linked to any Sales Orders. For those MOs, commitments to SOs are based on the priority of orders and might be recalculated if MOs or SOs are reprioritized. 

Read more about Types of Manufacturing Orders and Sales Items availability.

Open and Done Manufacturing Orders

When a Manufacturing Order status is changed to "Done", the order will be automatically moved to the "Done" section of the Manufacturing Order list and a Done date will be assigned to the MO. A Manufacturing Order will be moved back to the "Open" orders list if the status is changed back from "Done" to some previous status. Grid Done-BPs.gif