Each Sales Order has a Delivery status, which can be manually changed by the user. Statuses include "Not shipped", "Packed", and "Delivered". Statuses trigger specific movements in the inventory and also help to monitor deliveries.


- Not shipped: When you create a Sales Order and fill in the required information (see below), the Sales Order is saved with a "Not shipped" status. The relevant quantity for the required items are now "Committed" in your inventory.

- Packed: You have picked and packed the items from your warehouse for the specific order, but they have not yet been shipped to the customer. Both "In Stock" and "Committed" quantities in the inventory list for those items are decreased by the relevant amount. If you do not wish to track the "Packed" status for your items, you can just mark an order as "Delivered" after sending the products out from your warehouse.

- Delivered: the products have been sent out from your warehouse. Changing the status from "Packed" to "Delivered" does not trigger any inventory movements.

Sales Items availability status for a Sales Order will be automatically changed to "Picked" when the delivery status is set to "Packed" or "Delivered".

When a "Packed" or "Delivered" Sales Order is changed back to "Not shipped", changes in inventory are also reverted (i.e. products are added back to "In Stock" and "Committed").

Changing the Delivery status

The Delivery status can be changed on the Sales Order card or in the "Sell" screen:

Sales Order Card

Sell screen