Disassembly is a process of taking a product apart into materials. Although there is no separate disassembly feature in Katana, there are various ways to trigger required inventory movements.

For products manufactured in your workshop

If you have manufactured the product yourself, you can always revert the Production status of an existing Manufacturing Order back from "Done" to "Not started" or "Work in progress". This reverts the stock movements (i.e. materials are added back to stock and the product is eliminated from stock). You can then delete the Manufacturing Order to eliminate it from the "Schedule". Read more about Reverting a Manufacturing Order.

For purchased products

However, if you are taking apart a purchased product, you can solve the issue by creating a stock adjustment. You can decrease the product stock and increase the material stock with a single stock adjustment. You would have to define the materials you are creating with a disassembly manually in the stock adjustment, the stock adjustment cannot be based on the Product Recipe of the product.