You can update Product Recipes in bulk by exporting your existing recipes to a CSV file, making the necessary changes to the file and uploading it back into Katana.

You can use this workflow to either replace a certain ingredient in multiple recipes more easily, add new ingredients to recipes or make any other changes to your existing recipes.

Updating Product Recipes / BOM in bulk

1. Navigate to the Items screen.

2. Export your Product Recipes to a CSV file by checking the ones you want to be exported and clicking Bulk actions and Recipes / BOMs under Export or don't select any products to export all the recipes.

3. Make necessary changes to the CSV file. Read more instructions from the Importing Product Recipes article.

4. Import your new Product Recipes to Katana. Go to the Settings screen > Data import and click Upload data in "Add new product recipes / BOMs".

5. You can then choose whether to replace the existing product recipes in Katana or add ingredients from the imported file to existing recipes.

6. Before uploading the data, Katana will analyze the imported file and show you whether there are any errors with any rows or columns. If any rows are skipped, please check the imported file, correct the mistakes, and upload it again.

7. When you click "OK, go ahead", Katana will import the recipes into Katana. When the import is complete, you will receive a message indicating the number of recipe rows imported.

Note: Changes to the default Product Recipe for a product will not be applied to any open Manufacturing Orders for that product automatically. You can apply changed Recipes to selected open MOs in bulk with a few clicks or go and update MOs one by one. Read more here

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