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Reverting a Manufacturing order
Reverting a Manufacturing order

How to revert a completed Manufacturing order

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If you accidentally marked a Manufacturing order (MO) as Done or if you're performing a disassembly for a product you produced, you can revert a MO status back to Not started or Work in progress. A MO also needs to be reverted if you want to edit certain details, as not all details can be edited on a Done MO.

Related stock movements

Reverting a MO reverts the inventory levels for items included in the MO. More precisely:

  • The product on the MO, the In stock quantity is decreased (based on the actual quantity produced) and the Expected quantity is increased (based on the planned quantity on the MO),

  • Materials and subassemblies used in producing the product (based on the Product Recipe / BOM) both In stock and Committed quantities are increased.

Read more about MO Production statuses.

How to revert a Manufacturing order?

You can revert a Done MO on the MO card or in the Schedule tab of the Make screen. Katana currently does not support partial completion or partial reverting of MO, you can only complete or revert all items simultaneously.

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab and click on the Done table at the top left.

  2. Find the relevant MO and change the Production status back to Not started or Work in progress directly in the Schedule or from the upper right-hand corner of the MO card.

  3. Your inventory levels are automatically updated.

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