If the Production Operations of the product are similar to another product, a quick way to create operations is to copy them from the other product. It will save you a lot of manual work of adding all operations again one-by-one. 

1. Navigate to the "Items" screen, select a product from the list and go to the "Production Operations" page on the product card.

2. Click on the "Copy operations from" button at the top right corner of the operations table.

3. Search for the product that you wish to use as a template for the current product's operations.

4. If you have already entered any operation steps to the current product, Katana will ask you to confirm the copy action as your current operations will be overwritten.

Please note that if the variant structure of the current product is different from the variant structure of the product that you are trying to use as a template for current Production Operations, then the variant selection will be -none- by default for all operations. You will then need to manually assign which operations apply to which product variants.