Deleting Production operations for a single product

To delete operations for a product:

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and select a product from the list. Note - if a product has multiple variants, clicking on any variant of the product will direct you to the product card for all variants.

  2. Click on the Production operations tab.

  3. Find the Delete option under the 3-dot button in the top corner.

If the product has multiple variants, operations will be deleted for all variants of that product.

Note: If you have open Manufacturing orders (MO) for the product, the Production operations on those MOs will not be deleted. To delete or update the Production operations on existing MOs, go to the MO card and click Refresh data at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting Production operations in bulk for multiple products

To delete Production operations for multiple products:

  1. Navigate to the Items screen.

  2. Tick the products which you want to delete the Product recipe / BOM from. If you don't select products, the following steps will delete operations for all products.

  3. Select Bulk actions > Delete > Operations.

Important! If you selected a variant for a product with multiple variants, the operations for all product variants will be deleted.

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