Editing Production operations

Learn how to change the default Production operations for a product on the product card.

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TIP: On each Manufacturing order (MO) you can edit the Resources and Time for operations if you need to change who is assigned to a specific task or update the actual production time from what is defined in the default Production operations. Read more about Manufacturing orders.

The following guide focuses on editing Production operations one by one, if you are looking to edit them in bulk, check out this article.

  1. Navigate to Production operations on a product card

    Production operations can be edited or deleted on a product card. To get to the Product operations tab, navigate to Items screen > Products table and click on the product you want to edit. The Production operations tab is next to the General info and Product recipe / BOM tabs.

  2. Edit/delete Production operations

    Edit Operations, Resources, Cost per Hour, and Time fields for each operation step by clicking on the associated field and changing the values. Changes are saved automatically.

    Drag and drop operation steps to change the order if needed.

    Delete operations steps by clicking on the trash icon at the end of the row of an operation step. If you wish to delete the whole Production operations for a product, simply delete all operation steps.

Note: Changes in Production operations do not apply automatically to existing Manufacturing orders. A notification at the bottom of the screen on the Production operations page will let you apply the changes to all open MOs. You can also see a notification on the MO if the Production operations for the product have been changed and can choose to refresh for the specific MO.

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