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Bulk updating production operations
Bulk updating production operations

Upload a CSV file to avoid updating Product operations individually

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Katana simplifies production operations management with bulk updating. This allows for quick modifications to multiple operations via CSV file uploads, which is ideal for making extensive changes across various product operations. The guide covers exporting existing operations, making necessary adjustments in the file, and re-importing them into Katana.

We recommend using this workflow if you're replacing a particular step within multiple production operations, adding new steps, replacing entire production operations for products, or making any other changes to your existing production operations.

Updating production operations in bulk

  1. Navigate to the Items screen.

    Highlights the items screen

  2. Export all the products by clicking the Export icon and selecting Operations.xlsx or Operations.csv from the dropdown (or select specific products from the list if you don't want to export all products).

    Export options on the Items screen

  3. Make the necessary changes to the file.

  4. Import the new Production Operations back to Katana. Go to Settings > Data import and click Upload data under the Add new product operations section.

    Where you can upload product operations from

  5. When uploading, you can choose replace the existing production operations in Katana or add operation steps to existing recipes.

    Shows the 2 import options for product operations
  6. Before it uploads, Katana will analyze the file and alert you if there are issues with any rows or columns. If rows are skipped, please check the imported file, correct the mistakes and upload it again.

  7. If everything is okay with the file, click OK, go ahead and the operations will import into Katana. Once the import completes, you will receive a message showing how many operation steps imported.

Note: Product operation changes won't automatically apply to open manufacturing orders (MO) for that product. Apply changed operations to an MO by navigating to the MO card and clicking Refresh data in the popup alert at the bottom of the screen.

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