Katana enables you to either make products in your workshop or purchase products directly from suppliers. In addition to their own product portfolio, many manufacturing companies expand their product selection with products purchased from other manufacturers or suppliers for resale.

This feature is also relevant if you are a pure reseller, not a maker or crafter. You can get a lot of value from just using the "Sell", "Buy", and "Stock" screens without using the "Make" section at all. The Sales Items Availability, prioritizing of orders, e-commerce integrations like Shopify and stock management in Katana work perfectly well for this use case.

How to purchase products? 

On the product card for each product, you can select options "I make this product" and/or "I buy this product". You can enable either one or both of those options. By default for new products, only the option to make products is activated.

If you enable "I buy this product", you can start adding the product to Purchase Orders to buy them directly from suppliers.

Read more about Creating Purchase Orders.