You can create a specific Production Operation for each variant of a product. This article focuses on how to create variant-specific operations. If you are unfamiliar with variants in Katana, we suggest reading what are variants and how to set up variants.

Using our variants feature together with variant-specific Production Operations setup is more powerful than creating separate product cards and separate operations for each variant as:

- The initial setup of variants and operations is easier;

- Changes to operations are faster and more convenient. If you need to change an operation, a Resource, Time or Cost per Hour that is used for all product variants, you can change it with a few clicks on a single product card, rather than replacing the same value for each variant on each product card separately.

How are product variant options displayed on the Production Operations page?

If you enable variants for a product in the "General info" section of a product card, you can enter relevant Variant Options (e.g. type, size, color) and Option Values (e.g. small, large, green, blue). In Production Operations:

- Variant Options will appear as columns.

- Option Values will appear as possible selections in the drop-down menu for each Variant Option and each ingredient.

For example, if I enable variants for a product and insert "Color" and "Size" as Variant Options...

... then initially my Production Operations section might look something like this (in this example, 3 operations are already entered to the recipe, all of which currently apply to all product variants):

Assigning operations to specific variants

You might use different operations for each variant (some operations might match, but some are probably different).

To create variant-specific Production Operations:

1. Add your Operations. You could start by entering all the operations required by all product variants and then proceed to step 2, or you could enter an operation and immediately assign it to specific variants.

2. Assign operations to specific variants. You can select one or more variant Option Values for each operation by clicking on a cell in any Variant Option column and selecting relevant Option Values from the drop-down menu. By default, an operation is assigned to all variants (as shown by "-all-" statuses).

In this example, I do Quality Control only for the Golden version of the hammer (both small and large size), but I do cutting and assembly for all colors and sizes.