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Revert a Sales order to a Quote
Revert a Sales order to a Quote

Convert sales orders back to quotes, adjusting for revised needs or errors.

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Reverting a sales order to a quote is a crucial capability for adjusting sales processes after an order is initially confirmed. This feature is particularly useful if there's a need to modify order details without committing inventory, or if an error needs correction.

Once a Quote has been confirmed, it changes to a Sales order (SO). If you mistakenly confirmed a Quote or need to revert a SO back to a Quote, you can do this by changing the SO Delivery Status back to Pending.

One reason for reverting a SO back to Quote could be if you created a SO to verify Sales items and Ingredients Availabilities as well as production deadlines for a potential sale. Afterward, you turn it into a Quote to remove stock commitments created by the SO.

As Quotes don't participate in Stock commitments, Sales items, and Ingredients availabilities or expected production deadlines are not displayed for Quotes. To obtain item availability information, you can start by creating a SO first, checking the availabilities, and then reverting the SO back to a Quote.

Turning a Sales order into a Quote

  1. Navigate to the Sales orders tab in the Sell screen.

    Partial view of Katana's sell screen

  2. Change the Delivery status of a SO to Pending either from the Sell screen or from a Sales Order card.

    Highlighting the pending option in the Delivery column of the sell screen
  3. The SO changes into a Quote and is moved from the Sales orders tab to the Quotes tab in the Sell screen.
    The stock commitments for Sales items and Ingredients will be removed until the Quote is confirmed and turned back into a SO.

Additional info

  • Only a SO with a Delivery status of Not shipped can be turned back into a Quote.

  • A SO with a created Make to Order manufacturing order (MO) cannot be turned back into a Quote before deleting the related MO.

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