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Partially delivering a Sales order when Making-to-Order
Partially delivering a Sales order when Making-to-Order

Efficiently manage partial deliveries for Make-to-Order sales in Katana.

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Handling partial deliveries in a Make-to-Order scenario within Katana ensures that products are shipped as they are completed, even if the entire order isn't ready.

Partial delivery often happens when the production is finished for some of the items you want to ship out, but not for all of the required items.

If you are making products to order and want to deliver products partially when some items are completed, you can partially complete manufacturing and ship out the products.

Since there's a vital link between the Make-to-Order (MTO) MO and the SO, You can partially deliver the quantity that is partially completed on the MTO.

The completed items can be selected to deliver the SO partially.

Read more about partially completing manufacturing orders.

Once an MTO is partially completed, you cannot change the SO quantity to less than the Completed quantity of product completed by the MTO. If you need to change the SO quantity to a smaller amount, you can revert the partially complete MTO and change the SO amount.

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