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Deleting a Sales order
Deleting a Sales order

Quickly and safely delete sales orders in Katana, freeing up inventory and resources.

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Deleting sales orders helps to maintain an accurate and clean sales order list. This action not only removes the order from your records but also adjusts the inventory levels by uncommitting the products associated with that order.

Deleting a Sales order (SO) will remove it from the SO list and eliminate the Committed quantities of products from the inventory list.

To delete a Sales order

  1. Go to the Sell screen, find the SO you want to delete, and open it.

  2. Click on the 3-dots at the top corner of the SO card and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

    3-dots on a sales order

  3. Click Yes in the popup window to confirm the deletion.

Note: Deleting Delivered sales orders will increase the In stock quantity for the relevant products in the inventory list as the previously sold products are added back.

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