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Reverting a Sales order from Done to Open
Reverting a Sales order from Done to Open

Easily revert a Done sales order to Open to modify order details as needed.

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Reverting a sales order from Done to Open allows for modifications to order details which are otherwise locked post-delivery. This is crucial for correcting or updating order information after it has been marked as completed.

You can revert an entire packed or delivered order or part of an order to a Not shipped status. Reverting is required if you want to change SO details since editing isn't possible for packed or delivered orders.

For multi-fulfillment orders, each fulfillment can be reverted separately. If a fulfillment has multiple line items, they have to be reverted together.

Reverting back to Not shipped status also reverts the inventory quantities. In stock quantity is increased, and the order quantity is added to commitments.

An order or its fulfillment can be reverted only on the SO card view. Reverting a SO is not possible on the Sell screen as a bulk action.

Reverting an entire order

  1. Click on the three-dot menu on the top-right of the order.

    Shows where the 3-dot menu is at on a sales order

  2. Click on Revert all

    Shows the Revert all option on a sales order

Reverting part of an order

Find and click Revert on top of a fulfillment section:

Shows the revert option on a mult-fulfillment order

Read more about sales order statuses.

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