If you accidentally marked a Sales Order (SO) as Packed or Delivered or perhaps the items are returned to your warehouse, you can always revert a SO status back to Not shipped.

A Packed or Delivered SO also can't be edited, so you need to revert a SO if you wish to edit any details.

Reverting a SO back to a Not shipped status reverts the inventory level adjustments for items included in the SO, meaning that both In stock and Committed quantities are increased for items included in the SO.

Read more about Sales Order statuses.

You can revert a Packed or Delivered SO from the Sell screen or from the SO card. Katana currently does not support partial shipping or partial reverting of a SO, you can only ship or revert all items simultaneously.

How to revert:

  1. Navigate to the Sell screen and find the relevant SO with status Packed (in the Open table) or Delivered (in the Done table).

  2. Change the status to Not shipped.

  3. Your inventory levels are automatically updated.

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