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Reverting a Sales order from Done to Open
Reverting a Sales order from Done to Open

How to change a completed Sales Order back to Open status

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You can revert a packed or delivered order or order's fulfillment back to a Not shipped status.

This is required if you want to change SO details - editing is not possible for packed or delivered orders.

Each fulfillment of a multi-fulfillment order can be reverted separately.
If a fulfillment has multiple line items, these can only be reverted together, not individually.

Reverting back to Not shipped status also reverts the inventory quantities - In stock quantity is increased, and the order quantity is added to commitments.

An order or its fulfillment can be reverted only on SO card view. Reverting a SO is not possible on the Sell screen as a bulk action.

Reverting can either be done for the whole order or, if there are multiple fulfillment, for each fulfillment separately.

Reverting full order:

1. Click on the three-dot menu on the top-right of the order.

2. Click on Revert all

Reverting individual fulfillment

Click Revert on top of the fulfillment:

Read more about Sales order statuses.

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