A Default Location is a Location that is assigned to your new Sales Orders, Manufacturing Orders and Purchase Orders by default. If a new order is created (read more), the Location field on the order will display the Default Location defined for either Sales, Purchasing, or Manufacturing, depending on the order type.

There are certain exceptions:

- A Make to Order Manufacturing Order always has the same Location as the underlying Sales Order.

- If you have mapped your Shopify Locations to certain Katana Locations, then this mapping overrides the Default Sales Location settings in Katana, and Shopify SOs are imported to the Katana Location selected in the integration settings.

You can edit the Location on each order manually if needed. For Sales Orders, you can edit the Location in bulk (read more).

The Default Location is set to your "Main location" by default. To change a Default Location:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" -> "Locations".

  2. Find the Default Sales Location, Default Manufacturing Location, and Default Purchase Location fields below the Locations table, and change them to a preferred Location.

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