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Deleting materials
Deleting materials

Delete unused materials to keep your inventory clean and up-to-date by removing unnecessary items.

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Deleting materials helps to maintain a streamlined and accurate inventory by removing items that are no longer needed. This allows you to eliminate unnecessary materials from their records, ensuring that inventory data remains current and manageable.
You can delete materials individually or in bulk.

To delete materials individually

  1. Navigate to the Items screen and find your material in the Materials table. Click on the material to open a material card.

    Materials table of the items screen

  2. Click on the 3-dots at the top corner of the material card and select Delete from the drop-down.

    Delete option on a material card

To delete materials in bulk

  1. Navigate to the Items screen > Materials table. Check the boxes of materials that you want to delete.

    Selected materials in the material table of the items screen

  2. Click the trash can icon and a popup will appear asking if you want to permanently delete item variants.

    Trash icon for bulk deleting

    Popup box to confirm deletion:

    Delete confirmation for materials

Whether deleting individually or in bulk, Katana will notify you if a material is currently used on any open orders or product recipes. You can still delete materials if they are actively used. On orders, a deleted item will be displayed with a strikethrough style.

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