You can edit and delete variants on a product or material card. Select an existing variant from the product or material list to open the item card, where you can edit all variants related to the item.

Editing variants

Each variant is a separate row in the table at the bottom of the product or material card. You can edit Variant Code, Sales Price or Purchase Price, and Variant Option Values for each variant. Reorder Point for each variant can be edited directly in the "Stock" screen in Katana.

You can edit Variant Options in the Variants setup box. Existing Option Values cannot be edited, so you have to delete an existing entry and then create a new one.

Deleting variants

You can delete variants either one-by-one or in bulk.

To delete variants one-by-one:

1. Navigate to the "Items" screen and find your product or material variant in the list. Click on the item to open the item card.

2. Click on the trash can icon at the end of the variant item in the bottom variants table.

To delete the variants in bulk:

1. Navigate to the "Items" screen. Check the tick boxes for variants that you wish to delete.

2. A "Bulk actions" box will appear at the top of the table. Click on it and select "Delete" from the drop-down menu.

In either case, Katana will notify you when a variant is currently used on any open orders or Product Recipes. You can still delete variants even if they are actively used. On orders, a deleted item will be displayed with a strikethrough style.

Deleting Variant Options and Values

Navigate to the item card and click on the "Open configuration" button for variants. Variant Option Values can be deleted by clicking on the trash can button next to a value. Variant Options can be deleted from the trash can button at the end of the Option row.

Note: You can disable variants for a product or material by deleting all Variant Option rows.

Editing variants in bulk

You can edit data for existing variants in bulk using our XLS import template. Read more about updating existing product variants and updating existing material variants.

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