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How do I attach files to items or orders?
How do I attach files to items or orders?

Guidance on attaching files in Katana

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If you need to attach files to a product, material, sales order, manufacturing order, purchase order, or any other document in Katana, you can use the Additional info section on an item or order card to add files.

While you can't upload attachments directly into Katana, you can post a link to a file stored on a cloud storage platform (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) or use the Link button to link text to the link.

To attach a file to an item or order in Katana:

  • Upload the file to a cloud storage platform (e.g. Dropbox)

  • Generate a share link to the file on the storage platform or copy the file's URL

  • In Katana, paste the link to the Additional info section of an item or an order

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Using a link to a file instead of uploading a file directly into Katana enables you to always keep the information up-to-date. If you make any changes to the file on the cloud storage platform, the link in Katana will direct you to the updated file.

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