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Sometimes I get an "Oh no..." error message in Katana. What should I do?
Sometimes I get an "Oh no..." error message in Katana. What should I do?

How to solve "Oh no..." messages in Katana

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While trying to open various pages in Katana (e.g. Sell screen, Make screen, Manufacturing Order card, Items, etc.), some of our customers have faced the following error message:

There can be various causes for the error. Please check the following list of possible causes and suggested fixes.

  • Browser - Katana is optimized to work with Google Chrome. Although Katana works with other browsers, you are more likely to receive errors or face UX/UI problems in other browsers. We suggest switching to Google Chrome for Katana. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser.

  • Ad-blocker - various ad-blockers might interfere with Katana's processes and prevent a smooth Katana experience. Please disable the ad-blocker.

  • Cache - we are often updating the software and releasing new versions. Some parts of the user interface (UI) might be saved to your browser's cache, and in case of a new release, your current UI might not match with other parts of Katana code anymore. Please clear your browser's cache (instructions for Chrome):

    • Open your browser's console by pressing F12.

    • Right-click on the "Reload" button icon and select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload".

If you are still facing the issue and getting the "Oh no" message every now and then, get in touch with our support via chat or at [email protected].

To help us identify the issue more effectively, please follow the next steps:

  1. Open your Chrome browser's console by pressing F12.

  2. Navigate to the "Console" tab if you did not land there automatically.

  3. See if there are any errors (entries in red) on the list. Please make a screenshot of the "Console" tab error list and send it to our support.

  4. Also, navigate to the "Network" tab of the console, check for any errors (entries in red) on the list and send a screenshot to our support.

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