There is no "Save" button. Katana has automatic saving, which makes using the software more convenient for you. You do not have to click "Save" every time you create or edit something, Katana does that for you.

Notice that "All changes saved" will appear at the top right-hand corner of the card that you are creating or editing (product or material card, Sales order, Purchase order, or Manufacturing order) when your changes are saved. Changes are typically saved after moving away from the field where you entered or edited information.

Example 1. You wish to create and save a new product.

  1. Click on the global "+" sign and select + New product card.

  2. A new product card template will open. Your new product will not be saved before you fill in all required fields.

  3. You fill in all required fields and your new product will be saved automatically.

Note: if you navigate away from product card in Katana, close your product card or browser window before filling in all required fields, your new product will not be saved.

Example 2. You wish to create or edit a category for your product.

1. Create a new product card or open an existing product card.

2. On a category field, you can either select an existing category from the drop-down list or create a new category by typing in a new value.

2a. If you select an existing category from the drop-down list, this category will be saved to the product after clicking away from the category field.

2b. If you type in a new value for your category, a new category will be created and added to your category list after clicking away from the category field. At the same time, this category will also be saved to the product.

Note: if you edit an existing category for your product by typing in a new category on the product card, the previous category will not be deleted from the category list. Categories can be deleted by editing the category list from the Settings screen.

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