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Connect Katana to popular reporting and BI tools

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Connect Katana to popular reporting and BI tools via SyncHub integration.

SyncHub allows you to access more of your business data (e.g., Katana data) and connect it to various reporting and business intelligence tools to create custom dashboards and analytics reports. SyncHub connects with Looker, Power BI, Excel, Tableau, and more.

SyncHub allows you to access data that is currently available via Katana API. This means you can access and create reports on:

  • Sales orders

  • Products and materials

  • Customers

  • Inventory, and more

We’re working on making more data available via API. We plan to make Katana API complete by adding purchasing, product recipes, and manufacturing order data.

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How to connect SyncHub to Katana

Connecting SyncHub to Katana is easy and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Create your free trial SyncHub account here. Select Katana as the connector on the signup page and follow the registration steps.

  2. You will see a welcome screen asking to create your first connection. Select Katana and give this connection a name (this is especially useful if you’re creating multiple Katana connections).

  3. Authorize the connection by following the prompt to sign in to your Katana account.

  4. Now watch as SyncHub begins retrieving your historical data. Click START REPORTING to view further instructions on connecting SyncHub to your favorite reporting or BI tool.

SyncHub syncs Katana data every 30 mins by default, but you can change the frequency for every endpoint.

That's it! You are ready to create custom dashboards and analytics reports using a reporting or BI tool of your choice.

NOTE: At this time, this integration does not support Katana's Shipping fee

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