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Easy Insight reporting and analytics
Easy Insight reporting and analytics

A cloud analytics platform that can power your business with real-time dashboards

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Easy Insight is an analytics platform offering real-time dashboards.

Once you've connected Easy Insight to Katana, you can begin accessing their pre-built dashboards, edit existing reports, or create new reports using Katana data. For further analysis, you can also create additional calculations with Katana data in Easy Insight.

Below is a short video about how Easy Insight works with Katana:

You can automatically sync data from Katana to Easy Insight by creating a schedule or just manually refresh data in Easy Insight at any time for up-to-date analytics on:

  • Sales

  • Products

  • Customers

  • Inventory, and more.

Begin with a Product Analysis report from the prebuilt dashboard and modify it as needed.

Each inventory connection in Easy Insight comes with two forecasting reports. Learn more about Katana use cases.

Note: Only data available via Katana API is accessible in Easy Insight. Learn more about Katana API:

Find out more:

Connect Easy Insight to Katana

Connecting Easy Insight to Katana is easy and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Create an Easy Insight account:

  2. Choose Katana from the list of connections and Easy Insight will ask you to grant access to Katana data. Click Authorize Access, and you will be redirected to Katana's login page.

  3. Enter your Katana login information.

  4. Once the login is confirmed, Easy Insight will begin syncing your data from Katana.

That's it! You are ready to start analyzing your data and building the reports in Easy Insight.

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